Passionate about the art of entertaining




Locally sourced entertainment - all to make a positive difference! That's what we believe at Jay's Entertainment. We have staged local events in Leicestershire since we first started  and ever since our first dinner and dance party featuring Jay Sean and Tasha Tah, we have fallen in love with the idea of staging live events locally. We regularly stage dinner and dances, small concerts and charity functions - especially during the most popular seasons - Valentine's, Diwali, and New Years!


Throughout the years, we have endeavoured to help as many people as possible through our work. We believe that sharing our love and passion for entertainment can only make others feel just as happy as we do. Whether it means staging a concert such as "Black" - a fully blind orchestra supporting Sightsaver's International, or talent shows supporting local charities such as LOROS and Rainbow's, we always aim to make a difference. Below are some of the good causes we've been fortunate enough to help over the past few years.